I’m Krystle, a Jersey girl at heart, forever!


I married this wonderful man in June of 2012


but before we got married we had two kids


and we bought a house, in Tennessee, which is not a home state for either of us.

We also have two pups!


Missy Girl (left) and Maggie Moo (right)

I love the beach. I read like books are being burned tomorrow. I have an obsession with Pinterest that may be unhealthy.  I try to cook and I’m all about baking.  I love sparkly things and anything girly. I have a B.A. in Psychology and I’ve just been accepted to nursing school because psychology on the bachelor’s level does nothing for anyone. Nursing, I feel, is my calling!

This blog is mainly about what we’re doing while we’re living away from home. Yes, I still consider New Jersey my home and, hopefully, one day we can move a little closer to home. So welcome aboard.